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Credit Diploma Program

Credits toward a local diploma must be obtained through a prescribed plan that requires a minimum of 20 credits in academic and elective areas (C.G.S. Section 10-69(b)). Credits for work or military experience, independent study projects, and online courses are additional ways to obtain credit. Each provider/town can enhance the basic Adult High School Credit Diploma Program's (AHCDP) program but must adhere to the minimum state requirements: 1) use certified teachers and counselors; 2) adhere to State Department of Education requirements regarding assessment, enrollment, accountability, and reporting; 3) meet required credit standards; and 4) ensure that a one-credit course offers a minimum of 48 instructional hours.


Credits are required to be distributed as follows: 

  • Four English

  • Three Social Studies (including one credit in US/American History and half credit in Civics/Government)

  • Three Math

  • Two Science

  • One Arts/Vocational Education

  • Seven Electives


An adult who completes the AHCDP's required credits is awarded a high school diploma by the providing LEA or RESC.

Professional Learning Resources
  • CDP Administrative Manual | Resource

  • Community Service

    • SAMPLE Documentation Letter | Word

    • Form CS-1 | Word

  • Military Service

    • SAMPLE Verification Letter | Word

    • Form MS-1 | Word

  • Occupational Training

    • SAMPLE Cover Letter | Word

    • Form OT-1 | Word

  • Work Experience​

    • Form WE-1 | Word

  • Independent Study Project Request Form | Word

  • Product Development Evaluation Form | Word

  • Research Paper Evaluation Form | Word

  • Textbook Course Evaluation Form 1 | Word

  • Textbook Course Evaluation Form 2 | Word

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