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Mathematics includes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It serves as a powerful tool for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge, improve their employability, and engage more fully in various aspects of life. High-quality resources and instruction develop a deep understanding and transferable knowledge in our students. We hope this collection helps you and your students deepen their understanding and use that knowledge wherever life takes them. 

Professional Development
  • Numeracy Routines That Develop Language for ESOL and ABE Classrooms | Presentation | Video

Standards for Adult Education
  • College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS) | Resource

  • CASAS Competencies | Resource

  • CASAS Math Content Standards - the CASAS Basic Skills Content Standards specify the academic skills embedded in the CASAS Competencies. You will see these on a TOPSpro report for your students. | Website

Professional Learning Resources
  • Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) | Website

    • ​Educating Ourselves about Social Justice & Math - Explore the intersection of Math education and racism to do better for our students. | Website

  • Standards for Mathematical Practice - A series of Standard Mathematical Practice (SMP) explanatory videos by Amy Vickers, an adult educator, and former ANN president. | Video

  • Uncovering Coherence Using Area Models - This webcast, supporting materials, and recorded webinar could be a self-study for understanding coherence and learning about the area model as a tool for understanding. | Video | Resource | Video

  • Math Class Needs a Makeover - In this classic TED Talk, Dan Meyer describes a typical learner experience and how it can be different if we don’t hand students everything they need to calculate but instead set them up to do real problem-solving. | Video

  • Building a Curriculum – In this video, ANN co-founder Donna Curry uses a construction metaphor to describe how a lesson fits in within a bigger picture and what to consider when building a curriculum. | Video

  • CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework – The overview of this resource (pages 3 – 6) gives an excellent description of the mindset we need to serve our students well. Pages 6 – 17 describe solid educational philosophies – including a quote by a student, “You can’t make a plant grow by pulling on it; you only make it rootless.” to explain the value of deeply understanding the math you do. | Resource
Teaching Materials Resources

Credit Diploma Program (CDP) / GED Preparation Teaching Resources

  • NYSED/CUNY Fast Track GRASP Math Packet - These packets were designed by Mark Trushkowsky, webmaster and historian of ANN and professional development specialist, and Eric Appleton, past president of ANN and professional development specialist, for independent use by students. | Website

  • Assessments and Placement Recommendations - Start with this quick assessment if you are wondering which math packet to share with your students. | Website

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Connie Rivera

Math Consultant

Need Help?

Consultants are available to provide guidance, resource location, and strategic planning, etc.


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Desmos' Philosophies

Classroom Activities

Teacher Facilitation Tools

Digital Math Tools and Manipulatives

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Teaching Resources

Beginning Curriculum for Adult Learning Math (BeCALM) – Materials for teachers and students for in-person or distance learning, offered in English and Spanish, were developed by Melissa Braaten, Massachusetts educator and ANN member. | Website

ESOL / Multilingual Math Class Teaching Resources

  • Same or Different? - Help students build their descriptive and comparative vocabulary at the same time as constructing mathematical arguments with images from this site. Or, once you’ve established this as a routine, make your own! | Website

  • Which One Doesn’t Belong? - This numeracy routine makes everyone feel included because everyone can think of a reason why one image does not belong with the three others and they can all be correct – even about different images. This routine works great as a class warm-up and you can build your own to align with the vocabulary students will need for the lesson for the day. | Website

  • Estimation 180 - Guide students to build their number sense without explicitly teaching calculation. Help students refine their sense of volume, quantity, etc. with a series of photos from this collection. | Website

Career-Focused Class Teaching Resources

Be Your Own Boss: Use Math to Take Charge of Your Decisions - This student-led entrepreneurial unit of instruction includes videos of student business owners and ends with your students applying what they learn to make a big decision. Opportunities for Math, digital literacy experiences, and English Language Arts skills are specified throughout this flexible unit. One of the student business owners, Matthew, was a CT student at the time of his interview. He has since graduated. | Website

Teaching Resource Collections
  • CollectEdNY | Website 

  • Adult Numeracy Network, Teaching Resources | Website

  • Massachusetts’ System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES) | Website

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