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High School Completion Programs

High school completion instruction in the context of adult education is a specialized program designed to support adults who have not obtained their high school diploma. This instruction is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of adult learners, providing them with the necessary academic, personal, and practical skills to successfully earn their high school diploma.

CT Adult Virtual High School (CTAVHS)
Connecticut Adult Education offers four (4) distinct pathways for adults to attain a high school diploma:       
Adult Basic Education (ABE) | Learn More

Instruction is designed for adults seeking a high school diploma who are functioning below the secondary school level and lack the basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills necessary to function effectively as workers, parents, and citizens. Instruction can be individualized or offered in a classroom, or a learning lab. Persons completing ABE are prepared to benefit from secondary-level instruction

Credit Diploma Program (CDP) | Learn More

The Credit Diploma Program is a prescribed plan, process, and structure for earning a required number of academic and elective credits. The provider must be a local education agency (LEA) or Regional Education Service Center (RESC). 

General Educational Development (GED®) | Learn More

Adults who have not completed high school must demonstrate, through a four-part examination that includes a writing sample, the attainment of academic skills and concepts commonly acquired through the completion of a high school program. Applicants for this examination must be at least 17 years of age and officially withdrawn from school for at least six months. Individuals who pass the GED® Tests are awarded a Connecticut State High School Diploma. GED® instructional programs, provided throughout the state in local school districts and a variety of other instructional sites, help individuals prepare for this rigorous examination.

National External Diploma Program (NEDP) | Learn More

This program provides a secondary school credential for adults who have gained skills through life experiences and demonstrated competence in a particular job, talent, or academic area. The NEDP is an online portfolio assessment program that offers no classroom instruction. As required, an adult who completes the portfolio assessment is awarded a high school diploma by the providing LEA or RESC.

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