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National External Diploma Program

Adults can demonstrate high school-level skills through completing a portfolio of life skills and academic tasks, anywhere they can access the internet.

The NEDP is a hands-on learning program that assesses the high school-level skills of adults and out-of-school youth. The NEDP evaluates the reading, writing, math, and workforce readiness skills with real-world relevance.

  • Assesses high school-level skills by awarding a traditional diploma so graduates can meet their academic and career goals

  • Designed for self-directed out-of-school youth and adults with life and work experiences and a general familiarity with the computer

  • Offers flexible scheduling and confidentiality

  • Includes tasks for in-demand career and lifelong learning experiences in Financial Literacy, Health Literacy, Civic Literacy, Geography, History, Science, and Twenty-First Century Workplace.

  • Evaluates skills based on the Common Core College and Career Readiness Standards.

​​Professional Learning Resources
  • ​CASAS National External Diploma Program (NEDP) Information | Website

  • NEDP Hardware and Software Requirements | Resource

NEDP Advisor/Assessor Training

  • NEDP Implementation Training: This is the first step in becoming an Advisor/Assessor. Trainees will learn the history, philosophy, and implementation of the National External Diploma Program (NEDP) and will be able to serve as NEDP Advisor/Assessors at their local site. NOTE: Trainees may only register with prior approval of their Program Director! Pre-Work and Homework are required for this training. Trainees should have strong digital literacy skills.

  • NEDP Evaluation Training: This is the second and final step in the NEDP Advisor/Assessor training and is open ONLY to those NEDP staff who have completed their first full NEDP portfolio within the past year, and who have been invited by the NEDP training staff. Attendees will demonstrate all phases of NEDP, including intake, first-appointment best practices, and item evaluation. Once this training is complete, Advisor/Assessors will receive CASAS Certification and be able to conduct Portfolio Reviews at their site. NOTE: Pre-Work is required for this training.

  • NEDP Refresher Training: Participants will review policies, procedures, and practices associated with the NEDP program including the roles and responsibilities of the advisor, assessor, and portfolio reviewer. NOTE: This training is mandatory for any Advisor/Assessor who has not been active in NEDP for one year or more.

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Lori Ouellette

NEDP State Trainer

Need Help?

Consultants are available to provide guidance, resource location, and strategic planning, etc.

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