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Northstar Digital Literacy Integration for CT Adult Education agencies

CSDE has purchased a Northstar Digital Literacy license, available to Adult Education agencies in CT, beginning October 1, 2022. Digital ATDN and ATDN will be providing support during the rollout and implementation across the agencies. Please be sure to complete the Northstar Testing Location survey as soon as possible, which will collect the required information to set up agency accounts with a designated Northstar Admin for each site.

Below is a brochure about Northstar Digital Literacy:

Northstar Brochure Updated 5.20
Download PDF • 1.21MB

Training Schedule:

*Please note that the scheduled Northstar training sessions are intended for a specific audience:

  • Training #1 and #2 - Northstar Admin, Directors, Program Facilitators

  • Training #3 - Northstar Admin, Teachers


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