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Conference on Serving Adults
with Disabilities

Session Presentations / Resources

AM Keynote Speaker - Kevin Hines

A01 - Disability Awareness Training

Presenters: Carly Duffy and Lauren McAulay (Department of Aging and Disability Services)

A02 - Preparing the Future: Supporting Individuals with Disabilities for Adulthood 

Presenters: Brian Heslin, Paola Blakeslee, Carol Buikus, Jackie Peck, and Alyssa Goduti (Adelbrook)

A03 - Social Media, Substance Use, and Mental Health Symptoms: Isolation, Depression and Regret

Presenter: Mary-K O’Sullivan (Capital Regional Mental Health Center)

PM Keynote Speaker - Carol Glazer


P01 - Access Granted: A Roadmap for Students 
with Disabilities in CT Higher Education

Presenters: Helena Carrasquillo (CT State Community College), Molly Zatony Lombardo (Goodwin University), and Jillian Sullivan (CT State Community College)

P02 - Accessible Second Chances: Sharing Your 
Content Accessibility

Presenter: Lauren Tucker (Southern Connecticut State University)

P03 - Resilience - Can You Find Treasure in Trauma?

Presenter: Denise Hanks (Dream Builder Coach)

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Thank you to the sponsors listed below for contributing to the success of this conference!
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