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Families Learning Conference

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

October 25-26, 2022 | Virtual

The Families Learning Conference is for passionate people looking for innovative family learning strategies and practices to support families in reaching their academic and economic goals. Attending will provide exposure to a network of peers and funders, industry knowledge, and new teaching methods that contribute to a holistic approach to family engagement.

Attendees will discover content for seasoned family learning professionals as well as for those who are new to the field. Learn best practices and industry knowledge for engaging families in learning. Explore new teaching methods and innovations that contribute to a holistic approach to family learning. Attendees can expect content in these overarching tracks:

  • Family Engagement: programming that includes learning opportunities, events, activities, and strategies that support children’s academic achievement. Program supports are often less intensive and of shorter duration than family literacy or family leadership.

  • Family Leadership: programming that is designed to support parenting adults and caregivers with knowledge and skills to build confidence in themselves as leaders in their communities.

  • Family Literacy: four-component model programming that includes children’s education, adult education, parent education, and interactive parent-child literacy and learning activities (Parent and Child Together [PACT] Time®).

  • Research and Policy: content focusing on current topics of educational research and policy, particularly topics that feature the outcomes of research-based program studies and evaluations of multigenerational family programs.


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